Server Installation and Setup

Note: All hardware is to be supplied by the Client, based upon recommendations by MostlyLinux.

Installation and setup includes:

  • Installing Debian Linux on a server (erasing all previously existing data, if any).
  • Configuring the server to be a network-connected, masquerading (ghosting/NAT) Intranet/Internet gateway.
  • Configuring DNS, email, and simple web hosting for a single domain.
  • Basic training on using the server.
  • Limited followup adjustments to initial configuration.
  • Upon request, SMB (Windows networking) file sharing, and other services can also be configured, subject to additional fees.

In order to perform the installation, the following information is needed:

  • Server hardware list (must be verified with MostlyLinux before any hardware is purchased, to ensure that the hardware will work with Linux).
  • Partitioning plan for hard drives, if applicable (if no partitioning plan is given, MostlyLinux will decide upon one).
  • Hostname and domain (if no hostname is given, ‘server’ will be used).
  • Internal IP address and netmask, if applicable (if none is provided, MostlyLinux will use
  • Source of Internet IP (DHCP or static IP; if static, MostlyLinux will need the static IP address, netmask, and gateway)

If special software is needed, MostlyLinux will need to be informed in advance, and additional charges may apply.

Price per server (in Canadian Dollars): $1000.00 (negotiable on contract).